Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dempsey Film Group, Little Rock

Yesterday's post showed creative re-use by a church; today's features creative re-use of a church. Originally Second Presbyterian (currently in Pleasant Valley), the Dempsey Film Group moved in 17 years ago. Downstairs is for reception and offices, while production studios are upstairs. Dempsey put a lot of effort into balancing the restoration of the building with meeting the needs of a modern film production facility.

Even the sign is an example of creative re-use.

This is the central south facing set of stained glass windows. I'm pleased to say I helped in the restoration of some of these panels.

Update (July 2011) - Dempsey Film Group announced recently that it is to cease operations. The church will be sold.


Chris said...

I'd be very interested to hear more about your experiences with the stained glass windows, as well as your recolections of the church as a whole, when you were there.

Thank you,

Chris Boggs

Jay King said...

Dempsey was in there when I worked on the windows. It was scaffold work, replacing broken pieces. Spent a few days on the job and would have liked to spend more, as they needed more work.

I walked by the church a couple of months ago and saw the For Sale sign was still up. I hope someone buys it soon and continues to maintain the building.