Friday, March 27, 2009

unknown, Brinkley

As there is no identifying sign, I assume this pretty little church has been converted into a home. If so, it's a bit unusual that the cross would remain over the entrance. A parsonage, perhaps?

Update: Please refer to the comment for the church's past and present identification.


Anonymous said...

Know this is an old entry, just thought I'd fill in some info. I grew up in Brinkley and for many years this was St. Luke's Episcopal Church. The congregation disbanded about 5 years ago and the building is now a home/beauty salon. The new owners did a great job preserving the original wood and glass on the inside and outside. The owner is very friendly and would love to give a quick tour and history if you're ever in Brinkley. It now sees much more life and many more people as a beauty salon than it ever did as a church.

Jay said...

Thank you so much for your information. I depend on folks like you to set the record straight.

It's nice to know the owners are doing such a good job preserving the building and its history.