Monday, September 28, 2009

Newton Springs Full Gospel, Pope County

This church is just down the road from the one in the last post, and it has a right-angle addition as well, only this one is two stories and is in the rear of the church rather than the side. You see this type of church a lot out in the countryside, but not so much in cities and towns.


Anonymous said...

I grew up close to this church on Hwy 27. For years, the sign said "Newton Springs Community Church". About 1965 or so, a group (including my parents) started a Southern Baptist Church in this building. That congregation moved to a new building at the corner of Hwy 27 and 105, closer to the town of Hector, probably about 1967. When used as a Baptist mission, the Newton Springs building did not have the wing off the back, and the front porch was not enclosed. I was about 7 years old at the time. I remember the building as one room. I was heated by open-flame gas heaters on each side of the sanctuary, but was cold anyway.

Jay said...

A lot of folks have those memories of cold morning services. I'll bet the heaters weren't lit the night before like they do today. Insulation wasn't seen as so important then, either.

I figured that two story wing was an add-on. And enclosing the front porch is a relatively simple improvement that many congregations elect to do.

I thank you for shedding light on the dates and adding a personal touch to a project that is too often only about buildings.