Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church, Lincoln County

I drove a truck twice a week past this church back in the early 90's and always admired its simple elegance. It's about all that remains of Relfs Bluff, which straddles the line between Lincoln and Drew Counties on Hwy. 425.

The church was established in 1859 and built in 1925. I can find very little of its history, or even that of Relfs Bluff. It is the only church in Lincoln County on the National Register of Historic Places.

Here's a photo taken through the front door.

To the north by the cemetery stand these curious cement monoliths. I surmise they supported wooden planks and served as a communal picnic area. If anyone can verify or refute this theory, the floor is yours.


zzzzipy said...

Beautiful church! Is the church still active? The picnic table theory works for me!

Jay said...

I honestly don't know if the church is active, but I doubt there are any regular services, as there are no signs with hours posted. Both the church and the cemetery are well cared for, however, so it's hardly a forgotten relic.

Doug Hibbard said...

I know it's an old post, but your picnic table theory is most likely accurate. Dinner on the grounds, but no "dishonoring" the building by taking food into it.

I do wonder what archaeologists will do with some of the remains of our rural churches in 500 years---assuming there's any interest at all.