Thursday, December 2, 2010

unknown, Prairie County

I took this picture two months ago south of DeValls Bluff. It's what you call your basic one room country church. Fits the landscape perfectly.

Correction: Pris Weathers, who hosts the Arkansas Ties website, informs me that this is not a church at all, but the Idlewild schoolhouse, built in 1921. She writes about it here. Thanks, Pris.

Before posting this, I wondered whether it was a church or a school, so I went to my 'Roads of Arkansas.' The maps there have symbols designating churches. Here's the map showing Hwy. 33 south of DeValls Bluff. Unless I noted the wrong road crossing, they got it wrong as well. Since they draw upon county maps, I assume those are incorrect, too.

To be fair to all involved, I read the Idlewild Home Demonstration Club has allowed the building to be used for church services, so that may qualify its presence here.

And here is one more post which proves I was not the first to be confused about whether it was a church or a school.


Pris Weathers said...

Jay, this is actually Idlewilde School House. I thought it was a church too but have had a number of people emailed me on it. You can find more information on it here:

Love your blog! Keep up the great work!

Jay said...

Thanks for straightening me out, Pris. I'll post a follow-up.