Saturday, March 7, 2009

St. Peter's Episcopal, Conway

This is the main entrance to the original St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Conway. It was built in 1944. The width of the church was only three times the width of the doorway.

Here's what it looks like from the south. I love the sets of twin gothic arches, their brick surrounds and the row of buttresses. I suspect the roof line in the rear was part of the later addition.

Here's the 1963 addition, perhaps better described as a new attached church. They kept a hint of the buttresses and recreated the scale of the old entrance, but then it opens up further west to a much larger building. I like the placement of the steeple at the low point of the new church. Somehow it reconciles the old and the new and brings unity to a juxtaposition that would otherwise be jarring. I don't know about those dormers, though.

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