Monday, September 21, 2009

First Methodist, Beebe

You'll need binoculars to read the memorial inscription.
church web site


The Masked Scribbler said...

Nice pics. Too bad they have to put the stained glass up high so it won't get broken by vandals.

Jay said...

I doubt that's the case here. The windows were most likely original to an earlier First Methodist in Beebe. (They look to be early 20th Century.) When the new church was built, the congregation probably decided to incorporate some of the old stained glass into the new church, especially in light of the fact that these were windows paid for by family members in order to memorialize parents and grandparents. Those blues and greens most likely didn't go with their modern color scheme, so installing them in the church proper was ruled out. The steeple's a long way off, but, hey - it's closer to heaven, right?